like a phoenix 

In our civil war, we’ve seen death. We’ve watched our people die. Gone forever. As terrible as it was beyond the reach of the Resurrection ships, something began to change. We could feel a sense of time, as if each moment held its own significance. We began to realize that for our existence to hold any value, it must end. To live meaningful lives, we must die and not return. The one human flaw that you spend your lifetimes distressing over… Mortality is the one thing… Well, it’s the one thing that makes you whole.
Caprica Six, Guess What’s Coming to Dinner (S4E7), Battlestar Galactica 
Everyone’s entitled to a little confusion in their lives. I practically thrive on it.
Starbuck to Cassiopeia, The Living Legend part 2, 1978

By your command.
What do you hear?

What do you hear?


"There's a lot of frustration aboard warships. 
Arguments become grudges, then end up being feuds.
This allows them to let off steam out in the open,
so everybody can participate."

Kara “Starbuck” Thrace.Tommy Lee Edwards 2006

Frak yeah


Kara “Starbuck” Thrace.

Tommy Lee Edwards 2006

Frak yeah